UP Kisan Uday Yojana 2018 – Farmer Pump Set Distribution Scheme Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Kisan Uday Yojana | UP Kisan Pump Set Vitran Scheme

State Government of Uttar Pradesh is likely to launch another scheme for the welfare of farmers of the state which would be known as Uttar Pradesh Kisan Uday Yojana. According to the sources, this scheme will be launched for providing assistance to farmers regarding their work in fields which needs power pumps. As a result, farmers will be able to utilize this energy pump sets invariant  Capacities, which will also be beneficial for saving energy and assist the government in achieving the ‘Power For All’ mission.

Kisaan Uday Yojana Uttar Pradesh

As the name of the Scheme itself signifies that this Kisan Udaya Yojana is for uplifting the standard of farmers by providing energy efficient power pump sets which will reduce the burden of arranging another source instead of power pumps. By accessing these energy power pump sets, there is no need to be dependent on the conventional methods for doing agricultural activities in fields.

Kisan Pump Set Vitran Yojana UP

Uttar Pradesh state government has announced that around 10 lakh energy efficient power pump sets will be provided to the farmers until the end of the financial year 2022.

Farmer Pump Set Scheme is a boon for poor farmers in the Uttar Pradesh State, these farmers are committing suicide due to becoming unable to repay the principal amount of loan as well as interest. As power pump sets will be provided by the state government, farmers will be able to invest their money in another efficient source for agricultural activities which provides better results.

Importance of power pump sets:

  • These energy efficient power pump sets will be provided by Uttar Pradesh State Government in two different capacities such as 5.0 Horsepower(HP) and 7.5 Horsepower(HP).
  • These power pump sets will be distributed along with smart kits which will assist farmers to operate power pumps under this Farmer Pump Set Scheme UP 2018.
  • Another benefit which is going to provide by the UP State government is bearing the maintenance cost for the next 5 following years.

Benefits of “Kisan Udaya Yojana” scheme

  • This scheme will be beneficial to farmers in their agricultural related activities.
  • Power pumps will be provided to farmers which will also reduce the consumption of electric energy.
  • Apart from energy conservation, Uttar Pradesh Kisan Uday Yojana will also be beneficial in increasing the income and reducing the cost and expenses on conventional methods for agricultural activities used by farmers. As the cost of input will get reduce.
  • Pump sets which will be given to farmers will consume 35% less energy which is far better as compared to another conventional source of power pumps.
  • By using energy efficient power pump sets, farmers will be able to use their own resources for agricultural activities. As due to the much higher price of these power pumps in the market, farmers are unable to afford the same and as a result, they have gone for a loan and that too with high percentage of interest.
  • Furthermore, these power pumps are made with modern technology which enables farmers to turn on and off this power pump sets even with their cell phones.

Under the 1st Phase of Kisan Uday Yojana in Uttar Pradesh, Following District will be covered

Ghazipur, Gorakhpur,Varanasi,Ambedkarnagar, Mathura, Aligarh