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Merry Christmas to All readers! The time has come to celebrate Christmas 2015 with friends, family members and loved ones. Those who are with us can be wished personally, but those who away, need to be wished in a special way this Christmas 2015. This article will help you to find Best Merry Christmas 2015 quotes and whatsapp messages in your favorite language. We will be giving Merry Christmas 2015 wishes in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Gujarati. You can download the favorite quote and forward it.

Merry Christmas 25 December 2015 Whatsapp Wishes in English

  • Christmas Eve is a night of song that wraps itself about you like a shawl. But it warms more than your body. It warms your heart, fills it, too, with a melody that would last forever.
  • The Best wishes of life will never be found under A Christmas tree, Those Gifts are your Family,Kids and the ones you love! Merry Christmas !!
  • I will Honor Christmas in my Heart and try to keep it all the year
  • Have yourself a very merry Christmas, Count your blesses and be thankful. May you all reap the Fruit of Hardwork. Merry Christmas 2015
  • Wishing you and your family the Gift of Faith, the blessing of Hope and the peace of his love at Christmas and always!
  • Christmas is not a single day, it’s a way your life, to trust in God infinitely, to love others without reason and to smile without season! Merry Christmas to you and your Family
  • Joining in celebration of Jesus’ love is the biggest gift we can have! Wishing you Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2015 Wishes in Hindi – For Whatsapp

  • लो आ गया जिसका था इंतज़ार, सब मिलके बोले मेरे यार, हर जगह छाई खुशिओ की बाहर, मुबारक हो क्रिस्मस का ये त्योहार !
  • क्रिस्मस के शुभ त्योहार पर आपको और आपके पूरे परिवार को हमारी तरफ से बहुत बहुत बधाई. मेर्री क्रिस्मस
  • पापा घर पे आएँगे, सांता वो बन जाएँगे, खूब खिलोने लाएँगे, हम ज़ोर ज़ोर से गाएँगे, सांता आया सांता आया, गिफ्ट लाया गिफ्ट लाया, हुमको चाहिए बार्बी डॉल, मम्मी के लिए प्यारी शॉल, रात को जब बज़ेंगे 12, मेर्री क्रिस्मस का लगाएँगे नारा 
  • सांता से हम कहेंगे के इस क्रिस्मस आपके लिए प्यार और खुशी के रूप में ढेर सारे गिफ्ट लाएँ. मेर्री क्रिस्मस 2015
  • रब से क्या काहु आपके वास्ते, सदा खुशी रहे आपके रास्ते, खुशी आपके चेहरे पे रहे इस तरह, खुशबू रहती फूलों के साथ जिस तरह. हस्ता रहे आपका सारा परिवार, मुबारक हो क्रिस्मस का ये त्योहार

Merry Christmas 2015 Whatsapp Wishes in Punjabi

  • Christmas Da Ehh Tyohaar,Liyaave Jeewan Ch Khushiyaan Hazaar!Merry Christmas!
  • Mere Vallon Mubaarakaa!Christmas Day Diyaan!Wish You A Merry Christmas!!
  • Jive Fullan Ch Khusbo hamesha bni rehndi aa, ove hi Is christmas te tuhadi khsian bani rahan. Merry Christmas g
  • Dua Karda haan k is Christmas Santa dher saari khusian leke aave te sabna te chehre te khushi bani Rahe. Christmas diyan mubarka mere vallo !
  • Tuhanu te tuhade pariwaar nu mere te saari family di taraf te Christmas di bahut bahut badhai

Merry Christmas 2015 Whatsapp Wishes in Gujarati

Christmas 2015 Gujarati Wishes Christmas Wishes in Gujarati

We hope you liked these Christmas messages. We should show our love and care towards the loved ones by staying in touch with them. Whatsapp is great social media tool to do this. Occasions like Christmas can be celebrated by sending lovely quotes to the loved ones. We are here to encourage the Christmas 2015 wishes in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Gujarati Language.

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