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Kanyadan Policy

LIC Kanyadan Policy 2018 | Premium Chart | Age Limit | Hindi/Eng Pdf

Life Insurance Of India Presents “LIC Kanyadan Policy” | Complete Details of LIC Kanyadan Bima – Premium Chart, Admissible Age Limit, Policy Period, Download Notification in Hindi or English

A responsible mediocre parent have to make various plans for bright future of his/her child. When it comes to Girl Child, they often seem worried about her marriage. Marriage is a big deal and it takes a lot of planning. Arranging money instantly for marriage for girl child is not feasible for we people who belong to middle class family. Life Insurance of India has launched a great Plan for this Purpose and it is called as “LIC Kanyadan Policy“. Investing in this policy will take the burden away from the parents.

In this Article we are sharing complete details of LIC Kanyadan Bima. We are covering all important aspects here, Like – Premium Chart, Benefit, Admissible Age Limit. Also we are sharing the complete booklet of this scheme in pdf format. This booklet can be downloaded as pdf file in Hindi as well as in English.

LIC Kanyadan Policy

Kanyadan Policy
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Official Name of the SchemeJeevan Lakshya (Kanyadan is common alias that is used for this policy)

Table Number833

Summary of the Product This Policy includes a Limited Premium paying term conventional with-profits endowment assurance plan. In this policy Premium Paying Term is less than the policy Term by Three Years.

Premium Payment ModesEnrollment Policy Holder can pay premium on Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Even Yearly Basis

Policy Period/Term13 to 25 Years

Note – Friends ! There are multiple Webpages where you will find information regarding LIC Kanyadan Policy. Very few of them will actually tell you that Jeevan Lakshya & Kanyadan Policy is one and same thing. The Term “Kanyadan” is being used for Consumer Need.

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Eligibility Criteria:

The Policy will be availed by the Father of Girl Child, Not by the Girl Herself

Age Limit

To avail the Benefits of Kanyadan Policy, the Age of the Applicant should be at least 18 years and not more than 50 years. 

Sum to be Assured Under LIC Kanyadan Policy

  • Minimum Sum Assured – 1 Lakh
  • Maximum Limit – *No Maximum Limit*

Insurance Term

  • Interested Applicant can avail this Policy for 13 to 25 Years

Premium Paying Term :

The Premium Paying term is going to be 3 years less than the Policy Term. For Example, If your Policy Term is 23 years then you need to Pay Premium for (23-3) = 20 Years

Life Insurance Corporation Kanyadan Policy Premium Chart

Here is the Policy Premium Chart , If the Interested Applicant chooses to Join the Policy at the Age of 29 Years, Policy Term is 25 Years & Sum Insured is 5 Lakhs

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Understanding LIC Kanyadan Policy by Example

Suppose that the Age of Newly Born Girl’s Father is 29 years. Father wants to take Good Care of her Child and wants to make an investment for the sake of her marriage. He imagines that he is going to marry her at the Age of 23 years. He Wants to invest Maximum 5 Lakh Rupees ( Sum Assured)

Policy Term = 23 Years

Premium Payment Term = 23-3 = 20 years

Sum Assured = 5 Lakhs

When the Girl Attains age of 23 Years the Policy will Mature. The Approximate Maturity Amount will be Rs. 1177000

NoteThis is the maturity Amount in Normal Case.However, in Case of Death of the Policy Holder the benefits to be given will be as under :

If the Death Happens During the Policy Term, This Policy provides 10% of Sum Assured till year of maturity and again after completion policy term, 110% of Sum Assured + Bonus + Final Addition Bonus is also paid to nominee.

Kanyadan Policy Benefit Table/Chart

The Complete Calculation is As Follows. Suppose the Father Dies after 5 years after taking the policy i.e. Age of Father When he Died is 33 years, here is the table explaining the benefits to be Given to the Nominee –

Year Normal Death Claim Amount Accidental Death Claim Amount Remarks
6 50000 550000 DAB Amount + 10% of SA
7 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
8 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
9 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
10 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
11 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
12 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
13 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
14 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
15 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
16 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
17 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
18 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
19 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
20 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
21 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
22 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
23 50000 50000 10% of SA Every Year
Final Year 1238500 1238500 Maturity


Why LIC Jeevan Lakshya is Also Called Kanyadan Policy?

Jeevan Lakshya is also Called as Kanydan Policy due to it’s awesome features. If a Father of Girl Invests in this policy immediately after the birth of Girl Child, then at the age of her marriage, The Father will gain Handsome amount of money and can use it on marriage. However, if the father Dies in between the Policy Term, additional benefits will be given to his family.

So, in  Either case in this policy One can Earn Good profit for the sake of Girl’s Marriage. That’s why This Policy is also known as LIC Kanyadan Policy.

What is the Table Number of LIC Kanyadan Policy?

Table No. is 833

LIC Kanyadan Policy – Download Notification (Hindi/English)

Here we are providing the Official Document of this Scheme in Pdf Format. It Contains the complete information in Hindi & English. You can download the pdf file and view the detailed information of Your Device (Mobile/PC)



  • My daughter is Kanishka Singh Kushwaha date of birth 16-02-2017 LIC Kanya dan policies months total amount for and final amount

  • Rakesh kr singh says:

    My daughter age is 13 years. So i wanna to know is she eligible for kanyadan policy? If yes, how long i have to invest n what wil be d monthly installment??

  • Meri beti ki Umra 15 saal hai kya ye hai policy le sakti hai

  • Neetu Soni says:

    If father’s age is 40 years and daughter’d age is 9 years . What will be premium of policy???

  • Irfan LIC Advisor says:

    Hello Miss Neetu Soni

    Plan : Jeevan Lakshya (833)

    Age :40
    Term :20
    PPT :17
    D.A.B. : 100000
    Term Rider S.A.:100000
    Death Sum Assured :110000
    Basic Sum Assured :100000

    1st year Premium With TAX 4.5% :
    Yearly : 7054 (6750 + 304)
    Halfly : 3562 (3409 + 153)
    Quarterly : 1799 (1722 + 77)
    Monthly(ECS) : 600 (574 + 26)
    YLY Mode Average Prem/Day : 19

    After 1st year Premium With TAX 2.25% :
    Yearly : 6902 (6750 + 152)
    Halfly : 3486 (3409 + 77)
    Quarterly : 1761 (1722 + 39)
    Monthly(ECS) : 587 (574 + 13)
    YLY Mode Average Prem/Day : 18

    Total Approximate Paid Premium : 117486

    Approximate Return at Maturity Time :

    S.A. : 100000
    Bonus : 90000
    F.A.B. : 4000
    Total Approximate Return at Maturity Time : 194000

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