Jan Lokpal Bill 2015 pdf Complete details

Jan Lokpal Bill 2015 -16 | Latest News – Download pdf |Complete Details

Jan Lokpal Bill Latest News |Jan Lokpal Bill 2015-2015 | Download Jan Lokpal Bill pdf file |Jan Lokpal Bill Passed or Not? What are the hurdles? Get Detailed information

Jan Lokpal Bill 2015 pdf Complete detailsCorruption is one giant monster that has to be defeated to bring back peace, happiness and equal rights to everyone in the country. Anna Hazare’s Anti-corruption movement was a memorable step towards eliminating corruption. After the formation of AAP, the party has conveyed many times that their priority is to make sure that the Jan Lokpal bill passes as soon as possible. As per the latest news, the bill is now passed in Assemblynew

The Jan Lokpal bill cleared by Delhi government hasn’t received a warm welcome. It is being said that it is very different from the original bill that Anna demanded.  There are many points where the difference can be seen if we compare the 2014 and 2015 Janlokpal bills. We will discuss those points later in the article, but the question here is that, is Lokpal bill 2015 is good enough to get rid of corruption or is it just a showcase to gain the trust of people.

Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill 2015 – Most Important Points

What is Jan Lokpal bill?

It is an anti-corruption bill that aims to get rid of corruption the Country. A committee will act as a court to investigate any issue related to corruption. This independent body will be able to investigate even if the culprits are bureaucrats.

Jan Lokpal Bill 2015

Most Important Features

  • Janlokpal will be an independent three-member body. One chairperson and two members will be collectively referred to Janlokpal.
  • An independent selection committee will handle the selection process of Janlokpal. This committee will be headed by Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, with Delhi Assembly Speaker, Chief Minister, opposition leader and members.
  • The power to remove any of the three members of Janlokpal will be with L.G. (Lieutenant Governor)
  • Janlokpal will have the power to investigate any corruption case in NCT of Delhi. Even the Chief Minister’s office is covered.
  • Complaints against any officer of Lokpal will be investigated and completed within 1 month.
  • Any person who will willingly make faulty complaints due to any reason shall be punished with imprisonment,fine or both
  • Investigation Officers can be appointed by Janlokpal or with the consent of Government designate officers or agencies
  • All powers that are with Police officers during investigation will be with Janlokpal Investigating Officer under the CrPC, 1973 (2 of 1974).
  • Janlokpal will have the power to  utilize the services of any officer or organization or investigation agency of the Central Govt or any other State Government or Government of Union Territories
  • It should be the aim of every Janlokpal Investigating Officer to complete the investigation within six months
  • There are many other points that can be studied by Downloading the Jan Lokpal Bill 2015 pdf file, provided in the end of the Article. Now let’s discuss what are the hurdles that are in the way of Jan Lokpal Bill.

Jan Lokpal Bill 2015 – Challenges

  • BJP and Congress are not very convinced with the whole idea.
  • The bill has passed successfully in  the assembly and now requires the approval of L.G.

Conclusion – We as common people do not understand politics that deeply, but we do want corruption free society and leaders. If this bill has enough power to do that we must support it and hope it works as explained and get approved in every state and UT for the betterment of the country.

Download Jan Lokpal Bill 2015 Pdf 

Jan Lokpal Bill 2015 pdf

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