TRAI Call Drop Verdict

{Good News} TRAI Call Drop Decision – Latest Update

TRAI Call Drop Final Decision | Good News for Mobile Phone Users regarding Call Drop | TRAI Call Drop Verdict Latest News 2015

TRAI Call Drop VerdictTelecom Regulatory Authority of India, TRAI has given relief to cellular phone users. In the latest news, TRAI has taken the decision which is in the favor of the users. In this article we will provide you detailed information of TRAI Call drop decision. For complete information you are advised to read complete article.

Call Drop Issue –

After China, India is second largest mobile user market. Call drop was major problem among the users and it was found that users were facing lots of problem due to this. In simple language, call drop is inability of the telecom service providers to maintain the call (incoming or outgoing) after connection is made successfully. It is said to be interruption occurred from back end during call.

Due to this call drop issue, users used to face loss because if charges are conducted on the basis of per minute, even if the call drop charges for that minute are deducted. It has been found that due to this lots of users face bad experience as well as they have to pay for incomplete call.

aTRAI Call Drop Decision on 16th October 2015

What happened on 16th of October is a extremely good news for all cell phone users. TRAI gave the verdict in favor of cell phone users saying that, ” Companies have to compensate consumers for dropped calls from 1st January 2016.

aHere are the highlights of the decision –

  • Companies need to compensate for dropped calls
  • Telecom companies have to credit 1 rupee back to customer’s account for dropped call
  • However the Credit in Account of customer shall be limited to 3 dropped calls a day
  • Also according to TRAI, within 4 hours of dropped calls, company must inform(via SMS) about credit of amount to the customers
  • This whole scenario will begin from 1st January 2016

Telecom minister Shri Ravin shankar Prasad has welcomed the decision and said that he will make sure that this rule is followed by all authorities.

Call Drop Decision Impact

Impact on Users –

This judgement will absolutely have a good impact for the cell phone users. However as per some experts, to get rid of the issue completely, more steps should be taken by TRAI

Impact on Telecom Companies –

After this decision, the shares of Telecom companies have dropped. Companies have to upgrade their systems to follow this decision before 1st January 2015

What are your views ? Do you this the Call Drop Decision by TRAI is good enough to control this issue ? Feel free to write your comments in the section below

  • this is good for maintain our position and for users . ley see what’ll be result

  • Though TRAI decision is good and in favor of consumers yet other measures must be taken.
    it is as compensation by TRAI to troubled customers but what about digital India campaign.
    one side we talk about digital India and other side poor network quality and call drop problem we face.
    I think more technology and modern equipment must be considered to resolve this problem.