Delhi Odd Even Vehicle Driving DecisionDelhi Odd Even Vehicle Driving Decision

Delhi Odd Even Car Number System – All you Should know !

New Rule of Delhi Government for Odd & Even System to be Implemented Again from 13th to 17 November 2017 | All Details of Delhi Odd Even System 3rd Phase Staring from November 2017 | Delhi Odd-Even traffic Rule 2017

Delhi Odd Even Vehicle Driving DecisionDelhi Odd Even Vehicle Driving DecisionUpdate – Due to Alarming Air Pollution Levels, Delhi Government has decided to launch the 3rd Phase of Odd-Even Traffic Rule.

Do you know that the pollution level in Delhi is in very very critical stage.Recently as per a report, it was found that the air in Delhi is most populated in the world. Delhi Government was criticized for not taking any action towards this issue. However, on 4th December 2015, Delhi government has made a proposal which is very unique and first of its kind. It is being referred as Odd/Even Car number System.

As this proposal is new most of us are not aware of the details. Common questions are – What is Odd/Even Car system? How will it work and what will be the impact ? This particular article addresses all these questions. Another important thing to be mentioned here is that this new system will become active from 1st January 2016

Delhi Odd/Even Car System –

As we know the traffic in Delhi has grown to critical level and leads to lots of pollutions. Residents of Delhi understand how difficult it is to drive car. Here is how this system will work:

  • The last digit of your Vehicle Registration number will be used for odd or even consideration.
  • The Odd and Even numbered vehicles will be allowed to drive on Alternate days
  • For Example – If the last digit of vehicle number is 0,2,4,6,8 then you can drive your car on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday and if the last digit is 1,3,5,7,9 then you will be allowed to drive your car on Monday, Wednesday. Friday

Here are some more features –

  • This rule is applicable only to Private Vehicles
  • This Rule is not applicable to vehicles registered outside Delhi

More detailed information will be provided by the concerned department soon. We will make sure that all details are provided to you.

This Decision might not be liked by all, but Government is bound to take strict actions. Delhi High court mentioned that living in Delhi is like, living in “Gas Chamber”. Mr. Kejriwal then organized a meeting to discuss this matter. This proposal of odd-even car driving system is a outcome of the same meeting. Some other decisions made are –

  1. Trucks will be allowed to drive only after 11:00 pm
  2. The Government has decided that the vehicles have to follow Euro VI Standards by 2017
  3. Badarpur Thermal power station will Shut Down

What are your views about these decisions? Do you think such strict rules will help in getting rid of pollution from Delhi? Feel free to leave your comments below

  • Surbhi Upmanyu says:

    Great step by the Delhi Government, excellent idea to move Delhi to a pollution free environment, biggest question what strategies has the government put in place for the public transport.?

    People who can afford will start buying new cars or second hand cars with the odd/even numbers as required by them. So what has the government done to stop the registrations or transfer of vehicles, I already know a few people who are willing to purchase second hand cars to circumvent this rule.

    Another question how are they going to control or stop people on plying their cars on the road on non- designated days?

    In Singapore for example issuing of license is rationed, I am not saying we should not issue licenses only the process should be so stringent that everybody who applies should not be issued a license this way only responsible drivers get license and we can even keep a control on the private vehicles.

    Congestion of traffic one of the biggest problem is parking on the side of the road, this means only 60% of the road being used leading to traffic congestions, which lead to pollution. What is the government doing to control this??

    Government talks about Green Delhi, we all know most of the Delhi is not Green, look at the public areas like road partitions, area below the flyovers, metros etc. You will only find diplomatic areas like Shantipath, Lodhi road etc Green and clean, why not the other areas, government should fine people like other countries.

    I think we should first get all this resolved and then get into bigger ideas like controlling traffic with odd/even numbers etc.

    • Proudful Indian says:

      Well Said Surbhi ! I Agree.

  • Aviral Babber says:

    This scheme will only cause inconvenience to delhites. It should be withdrawn effectively. People who are rich will definitely buy new cars but the ones who belong to the strata of middle level income will be the victims to this new amendment of delhi government.
    The capital of the nation doesn’t have sufficient public transport facilities to facilitate this new amendment. Either there should be like 12 coaches in dmrc(atleast) or something else more feasible should be done in order to comprehend with the green delhi drive.
    On the other hand if we are using 1 car for only 15 days a month, then why will the people pf delhi pay their drivers full amounts for driving the same car for 15 days only?
    We should tell AAP leader Mr. AK 47 to make rules which are better for the welfare of the society not for showing off his mathematic skills on odd/even traffic rules.
    The youth of delhi believes that the government should do something to relieve the habitants of delhi and work for their interest , not against.

    • You Deserve This says:

      Why dont u suggest a better rule instead of criticizing every other step that govt takes?
      Dont b a cry baby, feel responsible for ur country and sorroundings.

      • Most of the traffic and cars used by Big IT companies and call centers.

        Eg : X commany use
        Minimum 40 + cab and more than 200 private cars

        Suggestion : IT companys having option for Work from home option, so when kisan brothers start waste crop burning , before that we can start work from option for big IT companies for last 4 months that is from september to December.
        This can be pre checks we can implemnet to control the situation.

  • S P GUPTA says:

    No driver will agree for reducing salary to half as he is not driving on other 15 days.
    How will he run his family as has to pay rent, take food, use electricity for whole month?

    • You Deserve This says:

      So, basically u don’t want to contribute and still expect pollution to reduce.
      Or consider it inly Govt’s responsibility and not ur.

  • i think add a time period odd / even number morning 8.00 AM to night 8.00 pm

  • and consession all CNG vehcle this rule